Why It Is Important To Clean Your Water Tank.

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It is true that almost every one of us has a habit of cleaning our houses daily and apart from that on several occasions, we do a proper deep cleaning but most of the times we overlook the cleaning of our water tanks. Water tank cleaning is not on our priority list because we don’t consider it as a necessary task. Many of us are guilty of this; we hardly clean our water tank not until someone falls ill from drinking the water.

Just like our homes, cleaning services is also important for our tanks. Profession deep cleaning services should be carried out on our water tanks by the gap of every six months. Water is the prime cause of all diseases and if we drink or use dirty water regularly, then it will surely lead to some serious health issues. Even if you don’t find anything wrong with your tank, you should properly clean it on a regular basis to get it germ free from some common smear like insects, ants, rats etc. You should make it necessary to clean it if you get a hard water supply in your area because hard water contains a high level of dissolved solids.

Now, as we know that water tanks should be cleaned in every six months, professional cleaning services company like Lacreme should be employed to clean your tanks especially if you stay in Lagos and Abuja.

Cleaning of water tanks is also a tough task that requires a lot of experience and well-versed tools. So it is always advisable to use professional for the water tank cleaning service that can do it efficiently and properly. Professional water tank cleaning companies use all the latest tools and technologies to give the best services to their customers.

So hiring professionals for water tank cleaning services is a wise decision because they are skilled and know how to make this work done efficiently.

Educated people know the importance of a clean and hygienic water tank! Therefore they counsel for regular cleaning of the water tank so that the health of the dwellers is ensured! Here are the reasons they put forth:


1) Water helps in germ growth!

Home cleaning experts says that standing water is the best media for the growth and multiplication of germs. Hence, cleaning of water tank is warranted. Because most of these germs thrive inside water and when the water tank is not cleaned, they begin to breed their offspring inside tank.

2) Infected water may cause skin problems

If you bath with infected water, you may experience symptoms like skin irritation; allergies and even hair fall and this will cause disease to the body and will make you spend extra money on medication.  It is obvious that you wouldn’t be using your tank water just for drinking right? You will bathe with it and also wash your clothes and utensils. Therefore, while you keep in touch with such contaminated water, you can definitely be attacked by some skin diseases. You must know that hard water ruins your hair, right? Similarly, if your water contaminated by some toxic matter or some germs, don’t you think it will harm your skin? Of course, it will! Don’t think just ground water can cause skin diseases, an un-cleaned tank may also result in contamination of water. But you could easily avoid such skin diseases by cleaning overhead water tank every 6 months or so.

3) Foul smell may develop in the water tank over time

The bacteria that grow inside the water tank generate byproducts that include many chemicals and gases. These generate foul smell in the water tank and the water supply coming through it.

4) Algae actively grows on the inner walls of water tank

Algae easily reach to any wet or moist surface and starts growing rapidly; unless regularly controlled. If the tanks are not cleaned properly and regularly, the algae can get deposited on the bottom and walls of the tank, thus infecting the water. It is important that you contact a professional cleaning services to get your water tank cleaned at least once a year. The process might take a few hours but the results will prove to be really beneficial for your health as well as that of your family.

5) Contamination in water can make you seriously ill!

If you depend on your water tank for drinking, then contamination in the water tank can make you ill and most of the diarrhea cases are traced to infected water!

We often talk about Water filtration but Water filtration systems may not prove 100% effective if water tank is not clean While it is true that most of us have water filtration systems installed in our houses and workplaces, but they may not prove 100% effective if the water coming from the tanks is not clean.  They may prove effective against only certain kinds of particles and impurities but may not help prevent infections and thus certain kinds of water related diseases.

It is a fact that unhealthy water is the 6th leading cause of death around the world and comes just after alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking on this list.  Most of us do not take the trouble of getting our water tanks cleaned periodically but this casualness can prove fatal.  Even if we use filtered water for drinking or cooking purpose, there are many places where we use unfiltered water such as washing brushes, brushing our teeth etc. and hence we do consume it in some form or the other.


Our health is our prime concern and therefore it is required to clean our water tank at regular intervals of time. Lacreme cleaning services offers you the highest quality overhead and underground water tank cleaning service at reasonable prices. To make your life comfortable book the water tank cleaning service today.

At Lacreme we strive to be the market leader for tank and vessel cleaning in Nigeria. We are constantly exploring improvement opportunities through the application of advanced technology and equipment, with the aim of significantly reducing and where possible eliminating confined space entry. Our goal is to provide a professional and customized solution to our clients. Our focus area includes floating and fixed roof tank cleaning and marine vessel cleaning.




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