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(COVID -19), the current pandemic that has brought the world to its knees.

By now you may have heard of the Corona Virus (COVID -19), the current pandemic that has brought the world to its knees. An airborne disease believed to have originated from China, that has spread to thousands in the past months through coughing, sneezing and direct contact with contaminated surfaces. Although the initial source of the disease remains a speculation, doctors from all over the world have come together to find a vaccine that will stop this disease or otherwise subdue it. However, due to the current panic, there are some details you may have missed.

Abuja based doctor, Dr. Onyinye shared her theory by analysing the virus and its pattern. These are the results:

  1. The virus has been in Nigeria since December

December is a time where most Nigerians take trips overseas. Sources say that in December, Nigerians had travelled to the United states as well as European Countries i.e. London, Italy, etc. coming back with mild symptoms that were mistaken for malaria. This would have been the peak time where the virus began to spread.

In January, Chinese immigrants coming back to Lagos could have brought the unknown disease at the time through our borders. Before the virus began to show its symptoms, it could have spread to at least a 100 people, maybe more.

Cold Symptoms. Worried black mother looking at thermometer, ill daughter coughing. Selective focus
  1. The virus is activated during the Flu Season

Winter to spring is flu season in many countries i.e. December to March (Spring; when allergy season begins). The virus was said to have hit European countries as well as the Unites States and China during their flu season which is known to be harsher than most.

Covid-19 targets the respiratory organs at their weakest i.e. flu season. During this time, a fit or unfit persons lungs would be compromised i.e. immune system is low.

Note that there have been survivors but there have also been a lot of deaths as the virus has spread. Towards the summer, the air moisture will reduce and cases in foreign countries will reduce. But it may not be the same for Nigeria.

  1. Nigeria is yet to begin its flu season.

Our rainy season, which is flu season in Nigeria, is fast approaching. During this time, there will be a lot of coughing and sneezing i.e. low immune systems. This is the point where Nigeria will truly face the worst of Covid-19 and must make effective preparations for it. Countries are reacting to Covid-19 based on their weather and environment. Nigeria must react according to their weather and environment instead of relying on foreign precautions.

The inevitable need to obtain essentials e.g. groceries will cause people to come out of their homes. Therefore, a great supply of quality face masks should be provided.
  1. Social distancing of 6 feet does not reduce the spread of the virus between people.

When an affected person sneezes or coughs into the air, the small droplets remain in the air for a long time, while heavy droplets can travel one metre through the air before dropping on surfaces. Within a few moments of sneezing or coughing, an uninfected person could pass within the same atmosphere and inhale the small droplets in the air, contacting the virus. Heavy droplets that have fallen on nearby surfaces could be touched with hands that would be put on the face without knowing the presence of virus droplets even existed.

  1. Covid-19 is more of a social problem than a medical problem

 Amplified social distancing will help accurate testing to be done while reducing the spread of the virus. This may not work for a long time however. The inevitable need to obtain essentials e.g. groceries will cause people to come out of their homes. Therefore, a great supply of quality face masks should be provided. A strict rule should be imposed to not leave homes without face masks, and if possible, gloves and hand sanitizers.  Amplified Social distancing may be our only hope till a vaccine is found.

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