Myriad challenges shape the chemical industry

 In chemical industry

Chemical company executives navigate through an increasingly complicated world. They have to contend with the
changing business landscape created by ongoing consolidation and restructuring.

They have to comply with increasing regulation of environment, health and safety activities. And, they have to respond to growing concerns over climate change and sustainability.

Meanwhile, demographic shifts are creating new markets around the world and, at the same time, altering the nature of the industry’s workforce.

With the aging population in developed countries, more than one-third of the industry’s engineers are expected to retire in the next five years, with similar or greater numbers of pipe fitters, boilermakers and other craft workers leaving the workforce as well.

These changes are taking place against a backdrop of continued globalization, which only adds to the complexity.
As they extend their geographic reach, companies need to manage longer supply chains, ensure access to feedstock from a variety of regions, and stay close to customers around the world.

Even as companies adjust to these realities, the nature of globalization is itself evolving. The traditional model, in
which developed economies essentially led emerging economies forward, is giving way to a multi-polar world, in
which powerful competitors and key customers arise from virtually any corner of the globe, and traditional multinationals vie with local firms for resources, customers and talent.

Developing economies are no longer passive recipients of globalization—they are active participants in the shaping
and driving of global business. For chemical companies, this multi-polar world presents new challenges and
risks—and massive opportunities.

To keep pace, chemical companies have to work on many fronts at once. And they have to balance two fundamental
requirements—capturing value from today’s opportunities and preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

In our work with chemical companies, we offer a broad range of skills—from supply chain management to humanperformance enhancement and leadingedge technology implementation.

We provide clients with a holistic enterprise wide view of critical value chain and business processes, bring
together strategy and execution, and use our proven tools and methods to deliver solid business results. These
include our repository of industry specific, leading-practice processes, which we use to benchmark process
performance, redesign processes and accelerate the delivery of technology implementation.

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