How to clean home like a professional- Five easy tips for home cleaning.

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Did you open this blog post with one eye closed and one mind opened because you are skeptical about why we would want to share our secrets with you?

If you have ever used a professional cleaning company, you will certainly know the excitement and relief of coming home after a professional cleaning. Kitchen appliances sparkle, the hardwood floors shine, and the whole house smells wonderfully clean – and you didn’t lift a finger to get it done! That is the best part.

No doubts when you hire us for your home cleaning, we will come with our A game and strategic professional planning to get your home the best look and also ensure it is clean and sanitized. Lacreme is a professional home, office and industrial cleaning company in Lagos and Abuja with a commitment to overall professional cleaning services and performance to meet the on-going needs of our current and future clientele. Lacreme provides tailor-made cleaning solutions to our respective clients to suit their needs but no doubts most people cannot afford to have their home professionally cleaned on a daily basis and need to do at least some minimal cleaning in their homes. We get questions related to that and we have decided to extend our hand of goodwill to our ardent readers and consumers because sharing is good.


Here are the Five easy to implement house cleaning tips.

Need to say, these five tips will be basic tips you can easily get by in doing to ensure professional home cleaning.

  1. Now, this is not a general rule

    or a compulsory one either but it is a tip that can help you get through the work faster and easier without noticing how much effort has gone into it. Put on a great song, you can either listen through your earphones or speaker. Get in your best mood. Great music eases out the tension and stress. That been said, get into the mood.

    1. Every professional home cleaning service knows that you need to start their cleaning from the top to bottom.

    You know why this is quite important, it saves you double work, if not you would have to re-clean a lot of surfaces you got messed up while going back and forth the rooms. Before you start cleaning with water and soap or any of the materials you, start by dusting off everywhere that needs to like the ceiling, the windows, drawers, wardrobes, the corners etc. This is to remove cobwebs and all. And as stated above, this should be done from the top to the bottom. E.g.: The ceilings before the drawers.

    1. Use the right instrument and equipment

    This is quite essential. Not only does it make your cleaning faster, but it also gives you efficiency. Using the right instrument will save you a lot of time and frustration when cleaning. Invest in the right tools for your professional cleaning services.

    1. Use Non-Toxic Products Whenever Possible

    We strongly discourage the use of toxic products. Using non-toxic materials and products is not just good for the environment, it is also not good for your own health as well! There are plenty of natural products and materials out there, lots of options available these days, and you can also make your own cleaning products from items you likely already have around your home.

  1. Sweep/mop/treat floors (except kitchen). For mopping, start at the farthest corner of the room and move back toward the entrance.


Congratulations! Now that we have shared the basic simple five tips you can do to have a professional home cleaning service by yourself, you are encouraged to hire a a professional cleaning service company to do every other thing you can’t do once in a while and apart from that, why stress yourself when a janitor near you can do it.

It is a great feeling when you walk into your home, and it is sparkling and fresh without you having to lift a finger to it.

Whether you need help with your home cleaning or industrial/office cleaning in Lagos and Abuja, you should totally contact Lacreme to keep your home and office clean at all times.



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