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We are six months into the Covid-19 pandemic and by now, you must have heard everyone telling you, “learn a new skill, read a certain number of books, take a certain number of classes”. The list goes on and on. Today, we’re interrupting the ‘Cleaning with Lacreme’ series to bring you a special new skill. We are going to be teaching you how to make your own hand sanitizers. Note that a hand sanitizer is not a substitute for washing your hands. Washing your hands, separates the germs from your hands but hand sanitizers kill the germs.
With the price of hand sanitizers skyrocketing all over the world and costing just as much as a car, it is time to make our own. Now we could keep going on and on about the importance of hand sanitizers and make it look like it’s made of these crazy elements that only scientists can handle. But we know that’s not true. So, let’s get into your simple mix with 4 simple steps. What you’ll need,
Aloe Gel: This will bind the alcohol
• 70% Rubbing Alcohol: This is what actually kills the germs.
• Bowl for mixing
• Whisk for mixing
• 1/3 Measuring cups
• Funnel
• A bottle to save the hand sanitizer


Add 2/3 cups of rubbing alcohol and 1 cup of aloe gel into the bowl.


Take your whisk (or spoon) and mix both elements in the bowl. The aloe will make the alcohol more solidified. However, the end result will still be liquid. If the mixture feels too liquidated, feel free to add more aloe vera till you get the desired consistency.


Pour the mixture into the bottle and shake. Leave it for a while so the mixture can blend together. You can also take it further with step 4.


Add your preferred essential oil. The last thing we need is to constantly smell like rubbing alcohol. So, add that little sweetness to your mix for a lovely scent.

And Vwalah! Another skill learnt. You’re welcome. Note that the chances of finding aloe vera gel could be slim to none. You can also buy the aloe vera plant and blend the gel-like flesh to substitute. Easy-peasy. Also, it is very important for moisturizing the hands. Using alcohol alone dries up your skin and causes breakage after a while. That’s all for now. If you need us, we’ll be a phone call away. Till then, stay safe, stay clean.

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