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In our last blog post, we shared with you the health benefits of cleaning your curtains. Are you feeling like a cleaning wizard yet? You should be, because today we’ll be telling you just how to clean your curtains. Living room, kitchen, bedroom and shower curtains are the haven for dust mites and mould. They can either ruin the entire ambience of your space or improve the hygiene and freshness of the environment if well maintained. Common techniques when cleaning curtains include dusting, vacuuming and washing. Although, these are great for regular cleaning, they are not effective in all circumstances. Lacreme offers multiple packaged services that will take your natural habitat from drab to lemony scented fab. However, if you’re the type of wizard that loves to make your own magic, here’s how.

  1. Hand Wash: Yes, this is the least magical of all. However, if you’re one to take matters into your own hands (literally), then this is just as effective. Just throwing it in the washing machine sounds tempting, but this technique reduces shrinkage and It works best for light weight and delicate curtains like 100% cotton.
  2. Steaming Treatment: An excellent choice for heavy curtains, especially the ones too high to take down from the rail. What are the advantages you ask?
  • Steam cleaning easily kills 100% of dust mites and frees your curtains of allergens.
  •  It also removes grime and dirt making your curtains completely germ free.
  •  It removes stubborn stains and odours.
  • It’s gentle on fabrics; working its way through the threads of cloth and removing any trapped dust without damaging the fabric. This sets it among the most preferred ways of curtain cleaning all over the world.
  1. Dry Cleaning Treatment: Certain types of materials such as velvet are thicker and heavier, making them unsuitable for washing. A soaked velvet curtain becomes extra bulky and heavier making it difficult to transport or hang on post wash. They also take a long time to dry, during which their internal environment enables mould and mildew growth. Dry cleaning is a premium way to clean those heavy curtains without lifting a finger.
  2. Carbonating Treatment: If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard it here first. Carbonation can be compared with using club soda to remove fabric stains. With millions of tiny bubbles penetrating your curtain’s fibers, dirt and stains are dissolved while also being lifted to the surface for extraction. Since the bubbles do the heavy lifting here, minimal amount of water is needed to push away the dirt lifted to the surface for extraction. Compared to steaming, it does not require any soaps, detergents or high pressure thus preserving the curtains lifespan.

So, after all this juicy Intel, why would you need us? That’s because a magician never reveals all his secrets. Getting your home professionally cleaned by Lacreme saves time, saves your energy and improves the quality of cleaning through high end procedures. No need to thank us. As always, we’ll just be a phone call away. Stay safe, stay clean.

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