6 reasons why a clean workplace means a safe workplace

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The truth is we spend the larger part of our 24 hours daily at our workplace. And for a place we spend that much time of our lives, it should be able to protect our health. We should feel safe and secure in it and not get exposed to diseases as a result of germs and unclean environment.

A clean workplace means more than just having a sparkling, fresh building. A clean workplace also ensures the safety and health of employees and visitors. In 2012 alone, nearly 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by private industry employers. Workplace injuries can be prevented by taking action to ensure a clean, safe work environment using either commercial cleaning services or office cleaning companies.


A good health leads to productivity. The adage health is wealth, can never be underestimated. The growth of an organization largely depends on the staff working there. And the productivity of staffs in an organization ranges from lots of things but for the sake of this article, emphasis will be made on how a clean and sanitized work space can affect productivity because a clean workplace is a safe workplace. Studies have proven that when your workspace is cluttered, it’s difficult to process information, let alone focus on priorities, projects and tasks.

A business owner/company must strive to the work space safe and conductive for the workers, in order to work productively and effectively at whatever cost. And in this case, the cost isn’t that high. As an entrepreneur or a business owner, the cleanliness of your work space is probably not the first thing that comes to mind each day. Having a clean and healthy work space is a major cornerstone when it comes to running a successful business. However, most business owners take notice of such things only when they get completely out of hand.

This shouldn’t be the case. You can employ Professional cleaning services near you or outsource cleaning services to commercial cleaning companies


A clean work space can be of a lot of benefits for both the company owner and also the workers working there and some of these reasons will be listed below.

Let’s consider 6 reasons why a clean workplace means a safe workplace.

1. Good Impression last longer

For a new staff looking forward to working in an organization, the state of a work space can determine their decision to either move ahead with the company or not. And also, for a potential client looking forward to making business with the company might get discouraged with the disarray of the place or the untidiness of the space. This could mean a lot to them. A clean and tidy workplace could win a potential client over and a dirty and untidy workplace can make an organization lose a potential client.

A clean and tidy work environment looks appealing and more importantly welcoming to any potential clients. It instills confidence and creates trust from the very beginning and leaves the clients with the impression of efficiency and strong attention to detail. Dirty floors or smudgy conference room tables, on the other hand, tell your potential clients that you lack the necessary professionalism to take care of your employees, let alone a new client.

 2. Disinfectants prevent the spread of germs and illness, including flu

Every company should aim at providing a clean workplace for their staff to dwell in.

When it comes to the workplace, cleanliness and personal hygiene are of utmost importance too, as they are always included in every company’s norms and policies.

A properly organized cleaning schedule is extremely important. It outlines all the specific work that needs to be done, as well as any responsibilities the company and its employees might have during the cleaning process. Any specific tasks need to be clearly specified and all concerns vocalized. The complaints need to be handled immediately and proficiently by your janitorial staff or the cleaning company. If this is not the case, then it might be best to invest into a different cleaning company.

A clean and sanitized work space signifies a level of professionalism. By keeping the work environment clean, you’re ensuring that your employees are healthy and productive and ready to serve the needs of any client that walks through your doors.

  1. Cleaning makes happier employees

As stated earlier, most employees consider their workplaces as a second home and as such, you need to focus your efforts on keeping it clean and tidy. By keeping the work environment well-maintained, you’re allowing your employees to be productive, efficient, and more importantly, happy.

Your employees are a direct representation of your brand and business. These days, most companies are using their employees as a marketing channel. If your employee is unhappy or dissatisfied with their work environment, they are less likely to participate in any type of business-related promotion. Not to mention that their productivity drops significantly when they’re working in a messy and unclean workplace. Employ Janitorial services near you to do all the work without bothering yourself.


  1. Cleanliness inspires confidence

Your office is a reflection of you and your company. And first impressions count. What do your clients, vendors, colleagues, prospective employees and other visitors see? A dirty break room, cluttered desk or messy reception area does not inspire confidence in your professionalism or ability to manage the finer details.

Approaching cleaning as a team event provides an opportunity for bonding and may even contribute to improved relationships among co-workers. Don’t be surprised to find an increase in employee morale as your office is transformed into a cleaner, safer, healthier, happier place to work. Because yes, cleaning matters.

  1. Your Employees Will Be Healthier

An unhygienic workplace increases cases of employee absenteeism, costing the business a considerable amount of money. If you have substandard hygiene in the office, expect more and more employees taking sick days.

By implementing proper work hygiene, you will be able to stop harmful viruses and bacteria from spreading all over the office, ensure a safe and healthy work environment, and reduce health risks for everyone. These efforts include ensuring sanitary washrooms equipped with hand washing stations and supplies, as well as sanitary toilets

6. Keeping your workplace clean and tidy

First of all, never task your employees with cleaning duty. Invest in a dedicated cleaning crew or consider hiring a professional cleaning service, which literally works on cleaning every part of your work space, whether it’s cleaning floors and carpets, walls, windows, bathrooms, hallways and even the outside of the building. This can either be a one-time deal, of if you’re completely satisfied with their services, you can hire them to clean your offices a couple of times a month.


In all you do, ensure you make your company a safe haven for people.





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